6 Essentials to Setup an Auto Workshop

6 Essentials to Setup an Auto Workshop

An auto workshop can act as many things for those who love tinkering, such as a sanctuary, a place for quality time, an alchemist’s lab, where beer turns ideas into reality. Starting your own automotive work shop is a dream that every good mechanic harbours.

For mechanics who are highly skilled and versatile, it is very unfulfilling for them to work for someone else when they could be running their own business and make real money at the same time. But, opening an auto workshop is not a cup of tea, it requires the right equipment and attitude to open an auto workshop.

Proper knowledge of equipment is necessary to make all the right decisions and you need to learn how to use and maintain different equipment correctly. If you care about your work, customers will trust your workshop with all their mechanical repairs and servicing. You also need the right tools and equipment to perform any type of task.

Here we have mentioned some top essentials which are required to setup your first auto workshop.

  1. Storage: This is the first thing that you should ensure before setting up a garage. You will need this space for storing bulky items such as tyres and wheels, smaller compartments for tools and smaller parts. This should also help you to keep your place well organised. If you are going to open an auto work shop for cars then you will collect a colossal amount of stuff such as tools, fluids, fasteners and random weird pieces from last year’s project. You need space to keep all these items in a neat way and prevent your garage from looking like a junkyard. Also, a well organized garage leaves a good impact on the customers.
  2. Upgraded Compressed-Air Systems: Apart from inflating tires, it has the ability to blow – clean and dry parts and it uses air tools which more than justifies the moderate expense. Air compressed system uses pneumatic pressure switches to maintain the air pressure as the air contained in them is highly pressurized. Many mechanics use 3-hp compressors which provides a lot of air to run a dual-action sander or a spray gun.
  3. Lighting: Good lighting is one of the major factors which is missing in many auto repair workshops. Insufficient lighting can affect the quality of your work and lead to time-consuming or costly mistakes. So an upgradation in your garage lighting is a necessity. Generally, it is not difficult or costly to upgrade your lighting with ceiling-mounted fluorescent light fixtures. Hanging shop lights fixtures that drop down from above your workbench to provide illumination where you need it most can also enlighten your workshop. Natural light is also a huge advantage for mechanics, especially for examining stains on cylinder blocks left from fluid leaks and other hard to see indicators of underlying faults.
  4. A Work Bench: It is the first thing that is required in a work shop. You can build or buy a work bench. A workbench can be as simple as smacking an old solid core door or board of medium-density fibreboard on top of two sawhorses. If you want something more sophisticated then there are plenty of ways to design a work bench, you can find many ways on the web to design it in your own way. Things need to be held in place, forces need to be applied, sometimes something has to be held and to do such things a workbench is required.
  5. Nice Flooring: An upgraded finish on your floor will be more helpful in finding dropped objects and it will also make your floor look more appealing. For giving better finish to your garage floor using modular tiles are a better option. Tiles can be installed easily on the floor and they come in numerous colours and offer various style options. If you don’t want to spend on flooring much then consider placing an anti-fatigue mat in front of your workbench.
  6. The Right Tools: The tools you use depend on the kind of work you plan to perform. Collecting tools for your work shop is a never ending task because you are never truly done acquiring them. Go deep into speciality tools for tasks such as engine rebuilding and remember that good tools last for generations. Wrenches, like sockets, are the heroes of the tool kit, they are used for everything. From must have items such as a torque wrench and an oil-drain pan to useful gadgets like a multimeter, there are an endless number of ways to fully equip your garage. Just select the right tools in right way and you’ll be able to tackle almost any task.

If you are a car enthusiast or a dedicated mechanic who would like to turn your dream of opening an auto workshop into reality, then these essentials should be in your bucket list. A garage for a passionate mechanic is like a second home. Just do these simple things to setup your first auto workshop and setting up other items such as wall art and a beer-fridge location are up to you. You can make place for such things anytime, anywhere, you want.

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