Activities for Father’s Day

Activities for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner; Sunday 18th June to be exact, and we’re betting that you’re probably wondering which sized Toblerone or set of golf clubs you’re going to invest in this year.

But, why not try something a little different, which your Dad will really appreciate? Step away from purchasing the usual bottle of gin, and surprise him with something which shows real thought and consideration to what he would enjoy.

Activity centres in Leicestershire can provide you with just what you need for a great day out. With Avalanche Adventure, you can be sure to give your Father a day which he will really remember for a long time. We provide great activity days out for the whole family, and we bet your Dad would love to get his wellies sunk into some of these muddy adventures.

Whatever you think your Dad might want to try, you can organise your day truly around him.

The following are just a few of the activities we offer which are perfect for a Father’s Day gift:

  • Quad bike safari

Let’s face it, when you go out in the car with Dad, he may as well already be on a racing track, swinging round corners and inducing the odd nauseous feeling. Well, why not let him try it for real, on a quad bike safari?

An exhilarating experience of a lifetime, the quad bike safari involves driving this four-wheeled off-roader through the country fields, woodlands, and over technical hilly sections. Your Dad will love this adrenaline pumping experience. What’s more, the whole family can give it a go, with the minimum age requirement to drive being just 12. Who knew activity centres in Leicestershire could offer so much adventure?

Quad bike safari

  • Archery

If you’re looking for something a whole team can really get competitive over, whilst having a great laugh, archery is a brilliant idea for a family day out. Plus, it’s a chance for your Dad to really get his teeth into something he might not ever have tried!

Archery is fun as a sport, hobby, and is a fun outdoors activity for those days you feel like getting out and trying something new. Your Dad could find his passion in activity centres in Leicestershire.

  • Hovercraft Experience

If you’re looking for something really quirky and different, why not give our hovercrafts a try? A hovercraft is unlike any vehicle your Dad will ever have seen before, so there’s no chance of being upgraded by a vehicle he fondly remembers form army camp all those years ago.

Suitable for a group of at least 6 people, you will be challenged to steer the hovercraft all around the outdoor obstacle course… With no brakes!

  • Off road driving course

If your Dad has ever felt like putting his foot down on the motorway and speeding off into the sunset there’s no doubt that he’d love to put the renowned Land Rover Defender 90 through its paces with our off road driving experience.

Your Dad doesn’t have to be a pro driver to get through our courses; we tailor everything to suit the individuals on their special day out, including our driving courses. So, whether he’s used to roughing it on the tracks, or if he’s only driven on quiet country lanes, we’ve got something for everyone.

Off road driving course

  • Blind-fold driving

If you’re Dad loves driving and thinks he’s the boss behind the wheel, it’s time to test his abilities with our blind-fold driving course. One person has to direct, and the other one steers around our tailored course, unable to see where they are driving.

See where you might end up with this barrel of laughs activity; it requires skill, teamwork and patience, and you might find out a few things about each other, whilst having a fantastic time cruising around the course.


These are just a few select few activities we offer out of many, and with so much to choose from it can be difficult to make a decision. To make the most of your time at activity centres in Leicestershire, you can choose to do more than one activity, by arranging a days-worth of exhilarating activities all tailored to you.

As you can see, the activities we offer are not only fun and unique, but will give your Dad the chance to try something he may never even have thought of. For a day to remember, Avalanche Adventure is your go-to place.

A perfect way of enticing your Dad into our fun activities is to present him with a gift voucher for the activities of your choice. Give your Dad the surprise experience he deserves at the Leicestershire activity centre.

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  1. I think some of these are quite adventurous, and not what I really expected to be honest. My father won’t do any of this stuff at all,. He is a huge golf fan, which isn’t surprising considering his age. He is in his middle 50s. Some of these activities are fun to do and the blind fold driving seems interesting. To see where you end up, I don’t like Archery though.

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