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My role in the OMG site is pretty basic. I help out here and there and you may see my name pop up here and there. I don’t have much of a role here I just help out where I can. Enjoy the content on the site as I know AnnA has been working quite hard to get quality over quantity. She takes serious pride in the site and I have to take my hat off to her for keeping up the regular posting and the response she has been given.

I have been a writer/SEO expert for over 4 years and wish you all a good read for my content. I wish you all the best in your time at OMG Lifestyle and am very thank full for OMG to give me the opportunity to write my own piece.

I’ll be sure to create Infographics and more SEO/Advertising strategies. I should also say a huge thank you to Anna Barton for responding to me so fast and giving me the chance to help her site grow in terms of keeping her site running smooth.

Author Bio: James Conway.

I have been working in the SEO area for over 4 years now and I have found great ways to get leads and just rank sites in general. I have spent quite some time working with new ideas to rank sites only using white hat techniques. I hope you enjoy reading future blogs as well as this one before you.

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