Cat or Dog- What’s best?

Cat or Dog: What’s best?

At some or the other point in life you must have thought about having a pet in your life. Now is the time, which is why you are reading this article. Well, firstly welcome to the world of pet owners and it is quite understood for you to be struck by this dilemmatic question of weather to buy a dog or a cat.

Well, both are preferred all over the world. People even have both of them at one time but if you are a beginner, it’s better to start with one. They both are really different yet are the best in their own ways, which adds further to the confusion.

So, here are few core differentiation between the two that can really help you understand which will be more compatible with you, helping you chose any one.


Lets talk about dogs. They are those exited beings that do anything and everything with extra 100 pounds of energy and so; we can’t afford to keep them waiting in this article too. So, dogs! Well, firstly you get many breeds in them and each breed has their own individual qualities that differentiate on various levels.

With dogs, there are many things that you have to take care of. You have to train them, get them to exercise, play with them and shower them with endless love. Dogs can’t stay without you for a long time and avoiding those cute, puppy eyes full of hope and love are difficult to avoid.

Dogs have to be groomed regularly. You have to buy those dog clippers, combs and other grooming equipment for your dog. There is a lot of time and energy that you have to invest in the whole process of grooming. These items are really expensive and require a lot of maintenance too.

Not just that, you have to buy many toys for your dog too, which again are quite expensive. With dogs, you cannot manage to stay unfit. You have to play a lot with your dog, which involves you to put extensive energy in it.

Dogs are very faithful and loyal, but this at times can get really annoying; especially when they don’t let you leave for your office and try to pull you back into the house. Explaining them that you are going to come back is really difficult.

Dogs are very fidgety by nature; thus, with them around you can expect some of your furniture to get damaged or chewed. However, dogs are the best company to keep when you feel aloof or lonely because no matter what, they are always going to love you exceptionally and eternally.


Well, if dogs are the north-pole then cats are the south-pole; that’s the differentiation between them. Cats, unlike dogs are not at all restless and energy maniacs. They are those animals that love to eat sleep and repeat. They can spend days in their couch doing nothing and just whiling their time away.

They are loyal, but sadly it is reflected occasionally. You don’t have to exercise them much nor do they get you to run behind them much. It isn’t required to groom them regularly because cats keep on grooming themselves.

Cats can stay apart from you for a long time but of course, they too find a need to embrace you after a long while. Cats are angrier by nature and are particular about their stuff. Unlike dogs, they don’t have cute eyes filled with love and affection but have an aggressive and dominating stance that can give you creeps too.

Cats, unlike dogs aren’t much in amusing you and so, there isn’t much of training that you need to give them. Just train them to use the bathroom and you are done. But, it is needless to say that cats are full of cute looks and you just can’t stop cuddling them once you get your hands on them.

However, since they belong to the tiger family, you can expect a bit of wild behaviour from them, especially when you are trying to bathe them. Learn to meet their demands and shower excess of love on them without expecting anything; that’s when you can pet a cat.

All in all, you just cannot compare a dog and a cat. As mentioned in the beginning of this article we did mention that they both are different in their own ways and thus, comparing them with each other is totally wrong. The only way to chose one between them is to know which animal will suit your daily life schedule, behaviour and thinking.

Once you consider all of this, you will be able to take a decision that you will never regret in life and enjoy the utmost bliss of being a parent to a pet. Well, if these two didn’t fascinate you after this article, you can even think of other choices. After all, it’s your life!

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