Children’s Room Trend

Children’s Room Trend

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, you would be forgiven for getting your Disney characters mixed up with your cartoon friends. Children’s bedroom trends change year on year, but what doesn’t change is the need for efficient storage space such as kids cabin beds. When decorating a child’s bedroom, you need to think of designs that are aesthetically pleasing, but won’t go out of fashion too quickly. Kitting a bedroom out with popular movie memorabilia and accessories seems like a good way to decorate a bedroom, however these choices can often over power a room, particularly if the space is limited.

In order to make a child’s bedroom inviting, but not stuck to one theme, you could experiment with using key colours of the movie or cartoon you are trying to replicate. By using recognisable colours or patterns, you can build a room that is both easily adaptable but still related to something a child will feel a sense of comfort by. Consequently, wall paints grow with a child and can be added to with pictures or accessories when a change in appearance is wanted.

Further to room decoration, attaining the best furniture for a room can heavily impact the style of a room, and how cluttered it feels. If a room is small, you will need to narrow down your furniture choices, but it is wise to keep in mind that pieces such as a wardrobe will always remain essential. In addition to choosing the most appropriate room furniture, making the most of how you utilise what you have invested in will help you maximise the space available. By adding baskets, door over-hangers, or storage boxes to your wardrobe, you can adapt the type of space you have and make room for both items that need to be folded or hung.

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