Classic Ad Campaigns

Classic Ad Campaigns

Advertising reaches us all in many areas of our day to day lives, for example in food stores and shopping centres, at work distribution centre signs, on our smartphones through apps and the internet, and many more.

The best ad campaigns are the memorable ones that reach out to high volumes of people extremely quickly, catching eyes and imagination without the intended clientele having to go out of their way at all to become aware of the campaign and bringing it to them in an un-invasive fashion.  A perfect recent example of this type of advertising is the recent updating of the roundels at Southwark Underground Station in London. The roundels haven’t changed from the traditional red, white and blue colours since the sign was introduced in 1908 and to celebrate the opening of the new Tate Modern, artist Michael Craig-Martin has changed them into an eye catching bright blue, green and pink design, which will reach the millions of people who use the underground each day.

We have compiled a list of a few of our favourite classic ad campaigns;

  1. Budweiser – Budweiser hit the nail on the head by tapping into pop culture and creating their memorable, humorous, and simple catchphrase “Whassup” which did exactly what they wanted it to do by creating a humble advert with no frills, just guys watching a football game while having a bottle of bud, exactly what their target audience would be doing and thus humanising their brand.
  2. Protein World – Perhaps famous for the wrong reasons, this advert that stirred up a huge storm of controversy and a lot of negative press. The advert featured an extremely slim woman in a bikini with the tagline ‘Are you beach body ready?’. The huge backlash from the advert and what it insinuated, both on twitter and in official complaints to the ASA meant that although Protein World were not penalised for the adverts, they were still removed from tube stations.
  3. Dove – In sharp contrast to the previous point, Dove created their world-wide ‘Real Beauty’ campaign and it has gone down as one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. By using real women of all different shapes, races, sizes and ages rather than size zero models, Dove campaigned tirelessly with a message to love yourself and boost self-esteem, rather than taunting women with unattainable goals to reach.
  4. John Lewis – John Lewis have had such successful Christmas campaigns, and have become so famous for its Christmas adverts, that they now have a scheduled slot when they premier on our TV screens come Christmas time.
  5. Diet Coke – Diets coke famous ‘hunk’ advert has evolved over the years but always kept to its fail-proof formula of a guy inexplicably taking his top off while drinking a can of diet coke – simples.

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