Common Mistakes Made While Designing a Kitchen

Common Mistakes Made While Designing a Kitchen

In many houses, the kitchen is one of the best and most frequently used rooms. You may not be a passionate and dedicated chef but, you will be cooking at least one or two quick meals in your kitchen every day.

At times, the tables in your kitchen may also be used as a workplace where you might do certain paperwork or the kids may do their homework. This ultimately makes the kitchen a room that is constantly being used to socialise with family members. Due to this, it becomes essential to keep the kitchen neat and clean, as well as organised.

A kitchen makeover can add significant value to your home and at the same time will often make your cooking time more enjoyable.

Common Mistakes Made While Designing

Your kitchen is a hub for various activities, so designing a kitchen that not just looks beautiful but is also functional can be a challenging task. Most of the time, it is seen that a lot of mistakes are made by people during the design stage. Such mistakes can be disappointing and ruin the visual appeal of the space. Here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid when designing your kitchen:

  • Not Sticking to the Plan:

This is one of the most common mistakes that every individual makes when they are designing their kitchen. Usually, people make a plan and when the work is in process, they tend to shift away from this. Doing this only creates inconvenience and extra expenses.

However, when a plan is prepared beforehand and is followed correctly, without making any changes, the end result is always worth the effort.

In order to ensure that you get good results, always decide upon one particular plan and stick to it until the end. Constantly changing the plan once work has started will only increase the expenses and often result in frustrating glitches.


  • Blocking Kitchen Triangle:

The kitchen triangle is referred to as the sink, refrigerator and stove. This is the most essential area of activity that needs careful planning and proper access. Among these three, sink is the appliance that is used on a frequent basis. Therefore, it must have easy access to refrigerator and stove, as well as other workstation countertops.

Further to this, the sink should be near to the plumbing area. However, at times, due to the poor placement of pipelines, the sinks are placed in poor locations in the kitchen. If your kitchen has this problem, it is best to hire a professional plumber to relocate the pipelines and place the sink in the right location.

Despite the size and layout of your kitchen, the sum of the entire work triangle should either be less than 10 feet or else more than 25 feet. If the triangle is too small, the space can become crowded, and if it is too large, preparation of food can be tiresome task.


  • Improper Use of Storage Space:

The kitchen is a place containing a lot of equipment which requires proper storage. One of the biggest mistakes made by almost everyone is neglecting to include enough storage space in kitchen.

When there is not enough space, individuals often conceal items behind cabinets which require a lot of space, such as mixers or food processors. Doing this can ultimately ruin the shape of the cabinets.


On the other hand, in some kitchens the space is not properly utilised, and therefore simply wasted. Consequently, it is important to have adequate planning as it assists in minimising the wasted space.

If the kitchen area is small in size, installing extra-large upper cabinets is often preferred for extra storage space. At the same time, if the kitchen is bigger in size, installing cabinets above the refrigerator can be an excellent option.


  • Bad Lighting:

Installing inappropriate lighting in your kitchen is something to be avoided. Lighting can affect the air space, aesthetics and also affect safety, something that should always be considered in the kitchen, especially when it comes to handling sharp knives, and other kitchen equipment.


It is always best to evaluate all the work areas in kitchen, and then focus on using proper lighting for each area. Adding a light directly above the main work space is also preferable.


Lights can also be installed under-cabinets, and this can ensure that all the counters have sufficient amount of light to conduct all the kitchen tasks.


  • Poor Ventilation:

No matter how beautiful and functional your kitchen is, the design can easily fade with the presence of unpleasant odours.  The importance of proper ventilation can only be understood when you begin to smell last night’s food’s odour lingering in the air.

Some people opt for ventilation hoods that are inexpensive, and simply circulate stale air, making the kitchen smell bad. Therefore, good ventilation systems should be installed to improve the quality of air in the kitchen, and assist in keeping it clean.

With proper ventilation, even the life span of kitchen appliances is extended.

Even though installing good ventilation can be expensive, it ultimately makes odours less apparent, a great help, especially when the kitchen is near to the living area.


  • Ignoring the Recycling:

Dealing with all the trash in the kitchen has always been about sticking a bin near the outside door or simply under the sink. However, these days it has gone far beyond all this.

It is very common that people have a standard garbage bag. However, it is observed that most of the people simply ignore the recycling when designing their kitchen. However, incorporating space for such an area in your design is necessary for cleanliness, hygiene, and ease of access.


  • Opting for Trendy Designs:

Going for a trendy kitchen design is not necessarily a mistake. But, it is usually seen that trendy colours and designs have short-life and almost never give return on large-scale investments.


There are certain investments that can boost the overall value of the kitchen, but there are few exceptions that can completely ruin the design.


When people purchase trendy equipment, they often find that such appliances only suit one particular style of décor, making it very hard to change in the future.


Another disadvantage of going for trendy appliances is that while selling your house, the buyer may be put off by such an imposing design.


While designing the kitchen always take into consideration the style of the rest of your home, and go for designs that will not only make your kitchen look beautiful but also match your house.


  • Not Taking Professional Advice:

Not taking professional advice may save you money, but it can often be at the expense of the finished design, meaning money is actually wasted in the long run.

Therefore, it is always best to hire professional designers. Such qualified individuals can provide you with the latest design ideas, guidelines and information. Further to this, such professionals can also assist you with translating your requirements into an effective plan, suiting your taste and fitting your budget.


However, before you hire a professional designer, always go through their previous work samples to ensure that you are working with right company for your needs.

To beautify your entire kitchen so that it adds value to your home, ensure you search for reputable companies such as Kitchens Northampton.

Last but not least, always remember that it is your kitchen. Therefore, never get swayed by others opinions or design ideas. You will be the one to use your kitchen, and will be likely to spend a great deal of time there.

These are some of the most common mistakes that are made by people on a frequent basis. Designing a kitchen is not an easy job, at the same time, planning everything in a hurry will not give you the desired end result. By avoiding these mistakes, you can get your work done within your budget and according to your taste.

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