Decorating Your First Home

Decorating Your First Home

Choosing the décor for your first home can be a tricky task. When it comes to decorating your first home saving money and time is important and there are a few things you should know to make this job as miniscule as possible. It is not just about saving money, although this is a major part of it.


You should try not to spend too much money on one item or justify spending a lot of money one one thing as the likelihood of you keeping that item is very low. As your style changes, it is more probable that you will buy and throw things away as the years pass.


When you move into your new place, you will often have friends and family gifting you some of their unwanted or unused items around their house. Before you turn your nose up to these items you should look for the potential first.


Being inspired by someone else home and space is one thing, but trying to recreate this is not a practical idea, as mentioned before your home will go through many transitions and will therefore cost you a lot in time and money.


You must remember your first home will not be perfect or the projection of what you want it to look like in the ideal worlds. To start off it is a matter of getting all the fundamentals right before you take a big plunge. You will need to purchase things like:


  • Cutlery/ kitchen essentials
  • Beds/ childrens bunk beds/ bedding
  • Sofa/ living room area essentials
  • Paint/ decorating utensils


To spruce up a room or item of furniture then paint is your new best friend!  Painting an item of furniture can really add that extra bit of colour/freshness to an item. Although this is a hard request, you should try to live with as little as you can. It is very tempting when you are first living alone to buy every item under the sun and although home décor may be your ‘thing’ you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions without getting a bit more inspiration so embrace the minimal while you can! Fortunately, there are many savvy ways of decorating and furnishing your new home without having to shed out a lot of money so don’t threat.

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