Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

Children are forever fascinated with a new television series, film or book, and as such often desire to have their room décor changed to suit this particular theme. When adapting any room, it is important to ensure that you design a space that can be easily changed in the future. In addition to this, mapping out a space that will include specific elements that are tailored to your child, including: a play space and area for sleeping will ensure that room is multifunctional.

The Bed

The bed is arguably the most important feature of a bedroom, and therefore requires a lot of thought. It is important to ensure that you invest in a bed that will not only suit both the age and height of your child, but also the theme you have chosen for the room. Children will often sleep in a bed with a barrier until they are no longer at risk of falling out of bed during the night, and are comfortable sleeping without a secure bumper. Kid’s cabin beds are a great choice for any child’s bedroom, as they offer additional and discreet storage space for a room, and can also offer a bed guard solution for those at risk of falls.

In addition to this, Kid’s cabin beds can add style to a room and make a great place to hold accessories such as photo frames, ornaments and other additions that make a blank space feel like a room, with character and personality.

The décor

The décor you choose for a child’s bedroom should remain neutral to help adaptation take place easily and quickly. However, it should also include aspects of personality and colour to make it an inviting space for a child. Choosing a shade of cream for the walls, instead of a stark white will ensure the room still feels warm, despite its neutral backdrop. Cream can be easily paired well with a wide variety of colours, and is suitable for both young children, as well as young adults.

If you prefer to add colour to the walls of a space, you may decide on one statement wall, or a small border to work around the entire space. Although such features of a room add vibrancy, they are also very quick to change, and still ensure a sense of overall neutrality remains.

The Accessories

By keeping your walls of your child’s bedroom white, it’s the accessories that you implement that will boost the aesthetic appeal of a room, and ensure it is in line with your child’s unique tastes.

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