Give Your Bathroom a Makeover with These Ideas

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover with These Ideas

Planning a makeover for your bathroom? Is it going to be a chic glamorous space or a new space with storage options for the whole family?

The bathroom was purely restricted to be a practical space since ages. This made people select materials and layout ideas depending on their ease and convenience. However, the recent years have experienced an increase in the bathroom materials which were formerly tagged as inappropriate.

So ready yourselves to make use of unusual materials with a zest. These ideas are aimed to help your bathroom become an expression of you.

Make a colossal or a compact statement with your bathroom by incorporating the ideas discussed in this piece. Read along to uncover a number of ways to give your bathroom a head to toe fix while simultaneously being trendy.

  • Heritage Style

Add an element of timeless elegance to your bathroom by opting for a period fitting with a touch of vintage inspired charm. TV series like Downtown Abbey have been portraying period bathrooms and the trend has caught on. Personified with a freestanding roll top-bath with a traditional brass fitting and sculpted sanitary ware, this look is worth adapting for a newly built house.

  • Trendy Baths

If you are considering adding some texture and colour to your bathroom, then a steel and enamel bath swathed in cushion woven fabric is an ideal option. It might appear a tad bit impractical to you initially, but the fabric is actually water, mould and climate resistant as is more commonly used for outdoor furniture.

  • Shine and Shimmer

Lustrous finishes that reflect light not only attaches the ‘wow factor’ but also gives the bathroom a dazzling and open feel. Lustrous surfaces possess space enhancing powers with glass and mirrored finishes which make a huge difference in the overall look of your bathroom.

Moreover, by adding a healthy dose of gloss will amplify the light levels making the cramped space appear larger than what it actually is. The materials used for this look are hard-wearing and are thus perfect for moisture prone areas and are water-resistant too.

  • European Laminates

If you are looking for something extraordinary for the cabinets of your bathroom, then high-pressure laminates are an ideal choice. Laminates are now available with 3D effects as well as in an array of colours and metallic surfaces.

Laminates have started mimicking faux woods they come with 3-D effects, as well as in a wide range of colours and metallic surfaces. These laminates can assist you in giving your bathroom a rich and unusual look in comparison to others.

  • Natural Look

Natural Look

The tangible feel of warm woods can be the best collaborator with smart stone if you wish to give an earthy elegant look to your bathroom. Natural materials add to the warmth and character of the room, and also help in softening the sleek lines of your modern sanitary-ware. You can go for modern, conventional, rustic or minimalist look and more, so as to transform your personal space.

  • Stylish Taps

Copper and brass taps have always been in vogue along with those termed as standard which, not too long ago were deemed one-offs. Shimmering metallic black, rose gold, brilliant white and more options are available that can give your bathroom an upmarket look. But, if you are looking for something extraordinary, porcelain taps or taps with glass spouts are worth the shot.

  • Faux Leather

Give your bathroom a total makeover by opting for leather lookalike rubber products. These have beautiful warmth to it and are available in hues of natural, black and chocolate.  As this is a rubber product, it is easy to maintain for bathroom cabinetry.

  • Show Stopping Showers

Opt for a ‘flush to floor’ walk-in shower or for a complete wet room as these tend to give your bathrooms a spa-like feel. If you are looking for an en-suite bathroom that feels splendid and indulgent and all grown-up, then luxurious wet rooms or showers are the perfect choice for you.

  • Vanity Units

Vanity Units

Another way to get a luxurious makeover for your bathroom is to install vanity units. While marble has always been a perennial choice for high-end bathrooms, you can now opt for a variety of stones, mirrors, brass, pearl and all sorts of etched and magnificently finished materials.

While there are materials that can help you in your quest to give your bathrooms an extraordinary look, unfortunately all these products are not very easy to find. You need to consult experts to discuss your plan to give a makeover to your bathroom and luckily you can do just that by getting in touch with professionals. To know more, visit

Incorporate these ideas to give your bathroom a stunning makeover!

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