Grooming your Horse

Grooming your Horse

If you own or horse or hope to own a horse, then grooming is one of the first things you will have to learn in order to care for your horse. Nearly everyone who handles horses will need to put the time in before each session to use brushes and currycombs effectively in order to keep your horse happy and healthy.


To begin grooming your horse you will have to start off with a set of tools for the job, the standard tools you will need includes:


  • A brush
  • Curry comb
  • Mane and tail brush
  • Hoof picks


These are the basic tools you will need when grooming your horse. The basics of getting the dirt off a horse begins with getting him fit to be seen. To begin with you should attempt to invest in a quality horse grooming brushes and keep them clean. You can’t do a thorough job grooming your horse with dirty or dusty brushes. Keeping them clean will allow them to last a lot longer.


You should try to choose horse trimmers and small brushes that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Brush the hair in the direction of the hair growth, and also do not neglect your horse’s hooves because this will cause them to become dry and brittle. There is hoof conditioner out there that will keep your horse’s hooves conditioned but it’s good to remember that horses are very ticklish so be extra gentle around those areas. When you are brushing around the mane and tail you should start at the ends and work your way up.


Grooming mitts are great for wiping the dust off your horse and for applying fly spray. Remember, if your horse has a stubborn knot in its hair then you shouldn’t cut or pull the knot out! Use a detangle tool to help you along the way. It should soften the knot and if that doesn’t work you can carefully detangle the hair with your fingers.


To stimulate growth, brush the dock of your horse’s tail daily with a dandy brush. This will loosen and remove the dirt and dander that makes your horse itchy. Brushing the dock and upper part of the tail bone also increases blood flow, which stimulates growth.

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