Holding a Birthday Party for Twins

Holding a Birthday Party for Twins

A children’s birthday party can be a stressful event to hold, and this stress can be amplified when you have twins! How do you keep a group of children occupied and entertained while making sure that each of your twins receives individual attention?

Having twins can be a handful, but two kids can also mean double the fun. Creating a theme for your twin’s party will help you to plan the event, as it can give you a little direction and ideas for dress, games, food and entertainment.

We have put together a few ideas for exciting themes for your twin’s birthday party to give you a little inspiration. Let your imagination run wild with party themes for your twins. All of them can become as extravagant or minimal as you like to suit your budget, requirements, and the size of your RSVP list.

  1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse. If you have girl and boy twins, this theme is ideal! Guests can dress up as their favourite Disney characters, or if you are not up for a fancy-dress theme, choose party bags, a themed cake and decorative items that feature the iconic mice duo. You can have cartoons on in the background while Disney’s greatest hits playing in the background.
  2. A circus theme gives you a lot of scope for entertainment and activities, you could even hire children’s entertainers from Milton Keynes to teach some simple circus tricks or a traditional kids birthday party clown! Your twins could dress as ring leaders, or two mini clowns. The food for a circus themed party can be kept relatively simple with things such as candy floss and hot dogs.
  3. Mario Bros. A perfect theme for two cheeky twins! This theme is great if your twins are into gaming. Dress your twins as Mario and Luigi and the guests can dress up as their own favourite video game characters. A mushroom shaped cake will complete the theme!
  4. Thing 1 and Thing 2 –  Seuss is always a huge hit with the younger audience, and the party guests will recognise the characters from the books that they learn to read from. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are fantastic creatures to recreate for your twin’s outfits. And of course, you must serve green eggs and ham for the birthday tea!
  5. Pirate – Pirates are a popular theme for parties, so there will be an abundance of choice for party decorations! The twins can both dress up as captains of the ship, while the guests can come in pirate attire.
  6. Princesses – Having a royal themed party is the ideal choice for a pair of little princesses! Go over the top with fancy dress, dresses, clip on earrings, feather boas and tiaras. There are lots of inexpensive Disney princess themed party decorations available in the shops – meaning you can have a royal theme but without a royal price tag!

Once you have your theme decided on, a lot of your planning is out of the way. Now all you have to concentrate on is ensuring that the party runs as smoothly as possible – easier said than done! Here’s a few tips;

  1. Having two smaller birthday cakes and singing “Happy Birthday” rather than one big one sounds like a lot of hassle, however, it is important that both twins have a few individual moments on their big day.
  2. For young children, keep parties simple and short to avoid over excitement and tantrums before bed or nap time disruptions!
  3. Make sure that you have extra food and a few extra party bags, it is always better to have food left over rather than not enough to feed everyone in case any extra unexpected guests turn up!
  4. Enlist the help of a few family members, friends or other parents so you aren’t controlling a heard of children by yourself.
  5. Remember to try and remain calm and flexible, if every minute detail doesn’t go to plan, don’t worry! Kids are kids and they will manage to have a great time regardless.

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