How to Generate Leads

How to Generate Leads

If a genie were to ask a businessman ‘what are your three wishes?’ the reply will undoubtedly be ‘higher number of leads, higher rate of conversions and higher revenue generation’. Such is the importance of generating leads in a business that almost everything else falls at the backseat.

Even if you have a decent product that you neatly dress up and offer at a reasonable price, the biggest challenge still remains and that is getting people to try it. It doesn’t matter how great the product is or how futuristic your vision was when you designed it the only thing that matters is letting the world know about it and if this doesn’t happen then your business is doomed to fail.

Just think about all the start-ups that rise and fall each day, which factor could you single out and label as the most important? It is the start-up’s ability to generate leads that determines whether it will survive to see the next sunrise or not. Here are few ways you can get more leads for your business.

  • Engage with the leads

There is no substitute to this technique. In any business one of the top most priorities is engaging with the customer directly. Some businesses choose to go down the FAQ path for direct engagement. But it is not one of the most suitable ways to engage with a customer.

It is much better to interact with customers on public forums such as Quora, live chat and help centres. These are the real places where the customer is looking for you. After all it is better to be present at a location you are required than being elsewhere. Commenting on forums is a great way to get noticed. Those who comment on forums regularly come across as knowledgeable and they are in high demand in every sector. It also has another advantage that your knowledge of the domain increases. It will help you to stay updated with the latest trends and news of the sector.

  • Deploy outbound and inbound marketing

If you base your opinion on statistics then you might just go for outbound marketing and leave inbound marketing out of your strategy. However you should not be too quick to dismiss the powers of inbound marketing. Think of ways in which you can incorporate both inbound and outbound marketing in your strategy. Striking a good balance between the two will reward you with higher lead generation.

To employ inbound marketing you should personalise your e-mail communication keeping in mind the requirement of the customer. Inbound marketing requires a greater level of participation from your end in online communities. This can be achieved by sharing unique and informative content as a part of SEO for finance strategy that is aimed at solving the queries of your customers. A healthy relationship is always the best way to generate higher leads.

  • Embrace new technology

If your customers begin to feel that you do not adapt to the latest technology then there are fewer chances of them taking you seriously. It is always the latest technology that sets the trend in the market. For example, nearly the entire world has adopted smartphones and this makes it necessary for you to develop a mobile version of your website and customise your content for the same.

This is necessary because the world now accesses every information through their smartphones. If your content is easy to read on smartphones, loads fast and does not lag then you can reach out to a large number of potential customers. Thus you should be aware of the latest technologies and adopt them as soon as you can.

Technology is updated for a reason. It is either to make exchange of information secure or improve the performance.

  • Develop Informative Content

One cannot deny the importance of content in today’s internet age. It is because of content that the internet is still in use because it is the primary purpose of internet, to make information available to everybody.

If you provide quality content to your audience then the chances of them availing your service or buying your product increases. Good content can drive a lot of traffic to your website and more traffic is directly proportional to number of leads generated. The content can be in any form, videos, blogs, images, infographics or a software tool that is immensely useful in your domain.

The benefit of creating quality content is that it makes you come across as a domain authority and establishes your credibility. Once people begin to look at you as an authority in your domain they will recommend you to their peers and in this way you can have higher number of leads.


Generating leads may not be the easiest thing to do in a business but by adopting the above techniques you should be able to set the wheels in motion and generate valuable leads on a consistent basis.

Author Bio: James Conway.

I have been working in the SEO area for over 4 years now and I have found great ways to get leads and just rank sites in general. I have spent quite some time working with new ideas to rank sites only using white hat techniques. I hope you enjoy reading future blogs as well as this one before you.

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