How to make your rooms look bigger

How to make your rooms look bigger

Squeezing ourselves and all our belongings into a very small living space is one conundrum we all have to face at some stage in our lives. Be it your first home, flat, or university accommodation, it’s a ritual everyone has to face as part of growing up.

But, not to worry; plenty of small spaces can be made to look very appealing, despite their size, by simply putting a few tips and tricks into practise to make the room look more spacious.

We have comprised a list of a few tricks of the trade which will help you to make the most of the space you have available.


  • Use your curtains to your advantage

When adding curtains to your room, there are two options to choose from which will make your room look bigger. The first is to use the same colour as your walls. This will give the illusion of a continuation of your walls, making the space look elongated.

The other option is to use sheer drapes instead of full curtains. This will make allow for the maximum light to enter the room and will give your room a brighter, airier look, making it look bigger.

  • Declutter relentlessly

When moving into a smaller space, it is essential that you let go of some of those irrelevant items you never really use. If you haven’t opened a drawer for over a month, the chances are you don’t need its contents, so throw it away. The less stuff there is in your room, the bigger the space will look.

  • Opt for large windows and doors

One of the best ways of making a room look bigger is to allow as much natural light in as possible, which means installing good sized windows and doors. Bi-fold doors Sheffield are one of the most current styles to be utilised, and are great for opening a small living room into the back garden, or a conservatory.

Opt for large windows and doors

  • Use neutral colours on the walls

Use a colour pallet which is light, bright and neutral to open the room out and make the space look bigger. Most people stay away from pure white because it tends to look and feel chilly, but opt for a colour close to white, such as cream or magnolia. You can also get blush colours and very light pastels which will also open the space up well.

Use of neutral colours will also give the illusion of more natural light, so if you don’t have many large windows or doors, you can still create an airy look.

Use neutral colours on the walls

  • Use small patterns

When you are choosing a feature wallpaper, rug or fabrics for furniture, go for patterns which are small to make your room look bigger. Large patterns will drown out a space, making it look tiny, whereas small patterns will accentuate the space that you have available.

  • Use mirrors

Putting mirrors on your walls and will reflect the room, making it look much more spacious. Don’t be afraid of having more than one decorative mirror, or putting a very large mirror on the wall. For optimum effect using mirrors, choose a focal point and angle mirrors towards it to make the room seem like it has more depth to it.

Going back to the all important light theory, mirrors also work wonder in terms of reflecting both natural and artificial light to make the room brighter during the day and night.

  • Match some furniture with walls

It’s usual for people to think that buying furniture different colours to the walls is the best way to go when furnishing your room. However, think outside the box and buy some furniture which matches with the colour of the walls. This will mean that some items simply blend in and will make your space look wider.

However, it’s important not to go overboard with this idea, otherwise you could have a very bland looking room. Make sure to add in accents of a bright colour such as red or lime green to the room to add a more modern effect.

Match some furniture with walls

  • Place furniture away from the walls

When dealing with a small space, an automatic reaction is for people to instantly push the furniture up against the walls to leave some space in the middle of the room free. However, leaving some space between the walls and the furniture, or placing furniture at an angle can sometimes create the illusion of space.

  • Buy see-through furniture

A transparent piece of furniture such as a coffee table or decorative items such as vases and cabinets will make the room appear more spacious and larger. They fool the eye into thinking that there is more open space and make the room look larger in general.

  • Use artistic focal points

Just because your room is small, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be dramatic. Use one or two artistic, modern pieces to distract from the small size of the room, and make the space look more modern and attractive.

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