Ideas for Planning a Perfect Hen Party

Ideas for Planning a Perfect Hen Party

Being asked by your best friend or sister to be bridesmaid is one of the most honourable requests you will ever be asked, and you want to make sure that the bride-to-be has a whale of a time, letting her hair down and having a great time and relaxing before the big day.

The classic hen party includes a night out on the town in fancy dress and sashes, dancing and until your feet hurt and singing karaoke until you can’t get another note out. There’s no doubt, those parties can be some of the best, but they’re not for everybody. What’s more, you might want to organise something a bit different for your bestie’s hen do. Activity days out can be a great way for everyone to blow off some steam before the big day, or something more chilled out and relaxed could be the way to go for your bride to be.

The fact is that nowadays, you don’t have to simply stick to the usual expected night out; instead you have free reign to tailor the perfect party specifically for the bride to be. Anything goes, and after all, this is a once in a lifetime chance for the bride to go all out with her best friends and make memories.

Just in case you’re struggling to plan the perfect pre-wedding celebration, we have comprised a list of ideas to inspire your party planning. There really is something for everyone; you’ll be spoilt for choice!



If you know the bride to be and all her friends love being pampered to the max, why not organise a full day of indulging and de-stressing with luxury treatments? One of the most current options for a pamper party is to make your way to a luxury spa and book in for some treatments as well as relaxing in the sauna, steam room and hot tub.

If a spa day isn’t her scene, you could book in for some more unique pampering sessions. A perfume making session is perfect if you want to try something new, or you could always opt for something beauty related. A photoshoot makeover is always a fun activity, and it’s also a great opportunity to get some momentous photos with everyone looking their best. You could even go for a vintage makeover treatment day, in which you can all get into the vintage trend looking fabulous in a whole new era.

A pamper day is great for a small group of close friends to enjoy a day out bonding and spending quality time together, or just before going on a night out. You could even organise it for the morning after a night out to recover and indulge in some relaxing time.


Dance party

If you want to organise a show-stopping hen party, dance experiences are a fabulous choice. They are a great way to get everyone involved, up and moving, and having a good laugh together.

In order to organise a dance party, you will need to get in contact with a dance instructor of your choice and book a group beginner class for all of you. Many dance instructors specialise in hen parties and know how to create a good atmosphere in which everyone will feel comfortable and relaxed whilst learning some new moves.

Popular styles of dance classes suitable for a hen party include belly dancing, pole dancing, and burlesque.

Dance experience days are great for hens who you know will love a good boogie on the dance floor, and also for larger groups, as it is a fantastic way of breaking the ice in groups where people may not be completely familiar with each other.

Outdoor activities

Organising the prefect hen party is all about finding an activity which will suit the bride to be and her interests, and not every bride to be wants to pampered and preened; some would rather roll their sleeves up and get involved in something a bit more energetic and action packed. If that sounds like your bride, why not organise something outdoorsy and exhilarating?

Some popular outdoor fun activities you could organise are archery, assault courses, off road driving experiences, quad biking, horse riding, and kayaking. In fact, the opportunities are endless; any extreme sport or outdoor activity you can think of can be turned into a hen party when everyone gets together and gets involved.

Exhilarating adventure activities are great alternative way of letting your hair down and creating unique, special memories which will last a lifetime. They are all about having fun and enjoying something you might never have had the opportunity to do before.

Outdoor activities


Glamping is now one of the most popular ways of enjoying an outdoor holiday without the usual annoyances which come with camping. Bring some glamour to the great outdoors and enjoy aspects of both worlds.

If you’ve been camping in the past and you’re wondering how it’s possible to turn the nightmare of attempting to pitch a tent whilst using two sticks to light a fire into a fun experience, you’ll be surprised. As soon as you throw your own yurt, a hot tub, fairy lights, and mirrors into the equation, the entire experience becomes a lot less gruelling, and a lot more glamorous!

You can really get the taste of the great outdoors with a stunning backdrop and the fresh festival-feel air, whilst also enjoying your own comforts and creating an amazing party atmosphere with a bottle of bubbly and some great food around the fire.

This hen party option is great for those well-rounded hens who love to be glamorous but are also outdoorsy types. Working well for small and large groups, this is the perfect option for a fantastic weekend for everyone.

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