Keeping Your Home Tidy

Keeping Your Home Tidy


Whether you live on your own or even in a shared house, it can be difficult to maintain tidiness. No matter how tidy you are, there will always come a day where you are rushing around, toss at least six items from your chest of draws on to the floor, and have no time to pick them up. The next day you just may feel exhausted, go to bed early and leave a few cups on the side, before you know it, your pristine home is in need of a clean.

Rota’s are a great way of keeping track of the chores that need to be carried out, and notice boards are an efficient way of organising what tasks needs to be undertaken and when. Many individuals make use of notice boards to decorate their home, and their adaptability means they may also be used as statement pieces of a room.

If you find yourself out of the house for long periods of time, and don’t feel safe leaving a small window cracked open, scent diffusors are a great alternative. By adding scent diffusors to your home, you can choose your scent, and tailor it to each room. Scents with oils such as lavender or chamomile are said to promote sleep, and are therefore popular in bedrooms. Citrus and vanilla based scents leave rooms feeling fresh and are consequently commonly used in bathrooms and living areas.

Another great way to keep your home well-presented is to invest in storage boxes. Clutter can not only make a room appear smaller, it can also look messy. By storing your goods in aesthetically pleasing storage boxes, your belongings can remain at hand for any given time, but also remain free from dust and accidental damage.

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