Keeping your Horse Healthy Outside

Keeping your Horse Healthy Outside

Although horses can be viewed as very independent creatures, if you desire to keep a horse as a pet, you must ensure you have the most appropriate equipment and paddock for your horse. If you desire to keep you horse outdoors, you’ll need to be prepared to put in a lot of effort in to checking the health of your horse, and the maintenance of the paddock.

Many fields in the UK are re-sown in order to ensure that animals such as cows and sheep grow fat quickly so that farmers can keep their stock continuously moving. However, horses require a wide variety of nutrients in order to keep their health in tip top condition. Rough grazing fields with tall grass that can often reach up to three foot in height may provide a healthy source of food for horses, as well as a comfortable place to sit and walk.

In addition to ensuring that the paddock you keep your horse in has the right amount of space, grazing sustenance and surface, the hooves of horses that are kept outside also need to be periodically checked for Laminitis. Being one of the most common diseases that affects horses, owners should inspect the sensitive hoof area, making sure that problems caused by thick green grass are negated.

Although horses are sturdy animals, they can still be affected by harsh winters, and such weather conditions can cause joint or muscular issues. There are a wide variety of specialist horse coats on the market, coming in an array of materials, patterns and sizes to suit your horse, and choosing the right one will provide lasting comfort and horse.

Further to taking care of the space your horse lives in, it is also highly beneficial to ensure that the fur of the horse is kept trimmed. Using heavy duty horse clippers can significantly improve the appearance of the horse, as well as keep the fur from matting which may lead to problems such as sores and their related infections.

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