How to manage your time

How to manage your time effectively

Eat, sleep, work and repeat is not the only thing you are here for. Every individual must also engage into activities outside the boundaries of the basic everyday chores. Since every individual is here to contribute something, only he or she can give to the world something precious or significant. So, in order to contribute successfully it is very essential for you to learn few things that will assist you in shaping your life.

Negotiating is what we humans do, we choose what we want to pursue and neglect what we do not require. But, you cannot negotiate with time as you have to make the most of it. That brings us to the topic of time management.

Time is crucial, you ought to learn how effectively you are making use of it. Either you can go for years not doing anything besides the usual or you can gain experience and knowledge about many things out there which interests you.

Look at time management as if it were an art and you need to master it. By mastering time management you are being rewarded in form of immense pleasure of doing things that you are interested in; gaining knowledge, recognition and being the best version of yourself. While doing so, you will only be contributing your uniqueness and being productive.

Here are few tips to assist you to work harder and be more productive

First things first

Complete your most important task first, this is in fact the golden rule of time management. Start by identifying what are your crucial tasks that must be done in the day and go for it. Once you manage to complete these two or three tasks in a day, you will realise that your day has been productive or successful.

Once you have finished your essentials, it is totally your choice whether to carry on with other tasks or give it a rest for the remaining hours. But you need to realise that this is possible only if you stay firm with yourself and complete your crucial tasks.


Understand the importance of the word “NO”. Having time commitments and juggling with various things, it is easy to take it far. Though it is great thing to take up as many opportunities as you can, it is not advisable to keep going all the time. Keep your objectives clear, finish the commitments you have taken upon instead of just adding too much on the plate and not enjoying anything due to the burden of being over full.

Get an early start

It is seen that the earlier you start your day the more productive you tend to be. It is in fact the early hours of your day where you can make the most of your time, as you are highly active and energetic during these hours.

Start your day bright and early by exercising to keep your body fit and then fuel your body with a nutritious breakfast to keep yourself pumped up throughout the day. Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the last thing you must do is avoid it because the less your energy, the less your productivity.

Sleep well

Human body requires and adequate amount of sleep. You cannot over work your body; if you do so there will be consequences that you do not wish to come across. By overworking your body you will risk your health and chances of injuries. Human body requires at least 6 – 7 hours of sleep, ensure you are getting it.

Built habits

Turn your key tasks into habits. For example, if you are an artist paint daily or in case you are a musician practise daily. As practising your passion will make you happy and better at it.

In fact, for anything you wish to achieve in life you need to be consistent and hardworking. These two qualities are the back bone of building good habits.

Plan ahead

It is great to not know what is coming in the future, there is a thrill of exploring it. But, by planning ahead you will be able to utilise your time the way you want to. Thus, planning ahead is very important as you can save on time, energy and ensure that you are getting your work done. As Alan Lakein said, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

Instead of being robotic by doing the daily task, work smarter. Managing your time must never mean that you are simply working extremely hard by squeezing in many tasks in your day. It is far more about clearing away space and making more time in your life for people, passion and creativity.

Various institutes excelling in Life Coaching Hertfordshire can assist you in understanding time management instead of being mindlessly productive. They can advise you on how you can rearrange your time to fit in things that you are passionate about and in something that will provide you with positive outcomes.

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  1. Time is a massive problem with me! I have a big project regarding jazz drum lessons and there isn’t enough hours in the day to do it. Anyway, creating the lessons is, of course, very time consuming – but worth it in the long run. So do any of you engage in these types of projects, even if non-musical?

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