Digital Marketing Trends

New Years Digital Marketing Trends

With every new year there is a new trend. Some will flourish and disappear as quickly as they began and others will stand the test of time (at least until the next big thing). What is for definite, when it comes to marketing is that if you don’t keep up with the ever changing sphere of the market place you will surely be left behind.

Video content is being used across a wide variety of websites in order to try and move their way up the Google ranks. Video advertisements are becoming increasingly popular and are expected to skyrocket in 2016, as users become more accustomed to this way of communicating. With Google’s ownership of YouTube the possibilities of video advertising seem endless.

Continued evidence that digital marketing is necessary to increase online visibility has meant demand has risen exponentially. With a higher demand for online services comes a higher price for those seeking the top spots of search engines. In light of this demand and the continued leaps forward of the digital world, prices for digital marketing may expected to increase. Of course, an honest and reliable company will never charge you more than a fair rate, and you should always see return on investment.

When Google announced that most of its searches came from mobile devices, there was a huge scramble from companies to make sure that their websites were optimised for this platform. On the other hand, it may be argued that if a business is having to catch up with the mobile generation in its early emergence, they may be already too far behind to ever catch up. The reports that have shown how we are favouring our mobiles for searching information mean that search engines (Google) will continue to serve websites that are optimised for mobile much more favourably for the foreseeable future. Even if search engines don’t favour mobile friendly content, businesses could still miss out on custom by not adapting to appear well on this platform.

Some may believe that in a world full of efficient ways to stay in contact with another, the old school email may be a dying form. On the contrary, personalised emails see a 20% increase in open rates over generic spam alerts and are still a great way to deliver information to a large sum of people in one hit.

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