Planning your Vacation

Planning your Vacation

In the new year, many people consider taking a vacation to renew their sense of self and start the new year feeling revitalised. But, planning a vacation can also be quite boring and tedious. So here is a method which you can use to plan your get away so it runs moothly without any hassle and confusion.

  • Selecting the destination

One of the biggest hurdles whilst planning a vacation is deciding on a location that everyone will like. We all have our own personal choices which generally differ from the preferences of our other travelling partners. Consequently, the decision to find a location that will suit everyone can often get very tedious. To avoid this time-consuming practice, try this method:

  • Knowing your preference

First know what you would like to do for a vacation. Decide if you want to venture into the hills or you just want to relax by the beach. If you are a history lover, you might decide to visit historic sites such as castles, whereas if you are a peace-loving person, you may find your solace in scenic regions full of greenery and beauty.

So firstly, decide what you like and then move on to the next stage.

  • Knowing others preference and fixing the location

If you are travelling in a group, not everyone going to want to travel to the place of your interest. Just like you, they too will have their own preferences. So, rather than arguing with each other and stomping your decision on the entire group, taking a common poll. Check which type of place or which specific location is liked by the majority of people in the group, based on that fixed the location.

Another type of method to deal with this situation is knowing everyone’s preference and then finding one specific location where all your needs will be fulfilled.

  • Researching The location

After the location is fixed, start doing your research. The internet is a great tool to use and can tell you the climate of the place. Research activities you can do there, such as adventures, special dinner, etc.

From a travellers’ point of view, if you are travelling outside UK, it is important to check the currency of the place you are visiting and the exchange rate of that currency, this will tell you how much cash you should carry with you for exchange.

In addition to this, you may find it helpful to check the time difference between the two countries, since you won’t want to spend all your vacation dealing with the jet lag that can be caused.

Furthermore, try reading up on the traditions of the location, the language spoken, and its history. If possible, try learning a few words in the language of that country for better communication whilst you are there. You may be surprised to know, it really pleases locals when someone who is not native to the country speaks the language. Learning a new language can be fun, but will also ensure you receive great hospitality whilst you travel.


After the location is set and you are done with researching on it, start making the plan concrete. Your vacation plan may change anytime, but booking will solidify your plans.

  • Travel bookings

If you are holidaying in a nearby location, then you may consider travelling there by train. If not then you will need to look for alternative methods such as flying, or boat.

  • Hotels

Whilst conducting research, you are likely to come across a list of hotels or places of residence, and it can be helpful to draw up a list of the type of accommodation you would consider, and then making contact to see which one best fits your requirements.

Looking at accommodation near hotels and tourist spots can also often ensure you holiday runs smoothly.

  • Transport

You will need a car or a bus to ferry between various locations. By booking this in advance, you can often save money. In addition to this, you may also consider booking a taxi from a reputed taxi service provider that provides taxies to far afield destinations in your local area.

Example: If you are a resident of Hemel Hempstead, then travel to the airport from Hemel taxies. The rate will often be cheaper than travelling with a company outside of your local area.

  • Packing

Packing is an important aspect of travelling. You have to carry everything that you may need during your vacation. Be it a camera or a laptop; make sure you pack it well before you leave. Do this to avoid the hassle of forgetting an essential.

If you or anyone in the group has a medical condition, be sure to carry extra medicine for emergencies. If you are travelling with a family and have a baby or a toddler travelling with you, make sure you have all the necessary items which will be needed to take care of the baby.

Pack adequate amount of clothes based on the climate of your decided destination. Carry all the essential cosmetics, shaving kits and other daily essentials of personal use. Keep a flashlight and a small knife in your bag as well for emergency situations.

  • Creating Memories

You go on a vacation to enjoy the time and to create memories which you can cherish all your life. You go to make stories which you can come back and narrate to others, so be sure to remember a camera for taking pictures and videos.

  • Cherishing the time

Of course, it is important to keep in mind to put your camera aside and spend some time with your group. Don’t get absorbed into your cell phones and laptops. Talk as much as you can with your travelling buddies and share the experience together.

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  1. I think choosing a destination, is what you’re keen on. I much prefer to have holidays where I visit in the city, rather than a hot tropical island. I usually go to the travel agents and get an all inclusive at a 4 or 5 star hotel. I always make a lot of wonderful memories, while i’m at a place.

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