Reasons Why Screen Printing is great!

Reasons Why Screen Printing is great!

Screen printing is a great method for bulk printing t-shirts, when using larger designs. Screen printed t-shirts are washable and can maintain the print quality for the longer period of time. Although digital printing on the t-shirt has become popular recently but screen printing is the more reliable method to get a t-shirt printed.

Many people confuse this method with the heat transfer print or the thermal prints. Thermal prints do not provide the long-term printing quality so they are not as good as screen printing method. The cost of screen printing depends on the colours used while printing as each new colour is added using a different screen.

It is amazing to see the value of screen printing even in the digital era. In the digital era where picture talks graphically and have great influence on the world, the traditional printing process should not be taken for granted.

The colour of the product and the design printed is very important to enhance the quality of the print. It is better to opt for the light colour as it is easy to print on them. While selecting the darker colour can increase the cost of the printing as the white base is required before starting the printing process.

Screen printing has its own advantage for the customer as well as the printer.

  • Every single print is different and unique as it is hand pulled.
  • The Ink surfaces crisply on the t-shirt which gives it a lovely demonstrative finish increasing the quality of the print.
  • You can try to push the boundaries of screen printing by colour overlapping. Create more colours in a design without spending extra.
  • No pressure to get the perfect design in the first try. Making mistakes is inevitable and it is fun to experiment with different styles.
  • Getting messy can be fun too. It’s lovely to wear clothes printed with different colours daily.
  • Gym not needed! It’s a great workout technique to get toned arms and washboard abs.
  • Team-work can solve any puzzle while printing.
  • Output depends entirely on the input. If you have taken your time in preparation than the output will be striking.
  • It is astonishing to see the computerized image coming back to life.
  • It provides long-lasting and high-quality results which cannot be washed out easily.
  • It is very versatile in nature. It can accommodate a wide range of materials which also includes foam board and metal.
  • It is not limited by size and shape which helps in printing distinctive images on mugs and bottles.
  • It is easy to get the large volume of products printed easily using screen-printing.
  • In many cases, the quality of screen printing is much better than the digital orienting.
  • Screen printing fine tunes the image and enhances the all the colours making the print vibrant.
  • It is advantageous for the fine line pictures and small texts.
  • Screen printing is economical considering the fast, simple and bulk production.

There are plenty of marketing techniques to promote the special cause or the company. Screen printing t-shirts are a great branding option to print logos within the practical budget. While printing the t-shirt with the logo you are promoting your company. There are many effective marketing possibilities using screen printing.

  • People pleasing designs

There is a range of t-shirt designs available in the market with brainstorming ideas, words, and feelings which are incorporated on them using screen printing.

  • Options are affordable

Screen printing not only provides the great print but is also budget friendly. The price gets even well if you limit the colour used, the number of areas the design is to be done and for the bulk order of printed t-shirt.

  • Out of the crowd

The t-shirt people wear is indirect promotion for your company. The custom made t-shirt will make your company stand out of the crowd and can increase your market value.

  • Brand the business

A well-designed and trendy t-shirt can convert the companies name into a household name. The printed t-shirt can become so popular which can be the additional income for your company.

The printed custom t-shirt can also be used for different purpose apart from business marketing.

  • Customer appreciation: Be the smart businessman and take care of your customers.
  • Retreats: Remember the team-building spirit even after the retreat is over.
  • Family reunion: Show the harmony with the family crest and your name during reunions.
  • Volunteers: Using the printed and same t-shirt while volunteering can help in easy identification.
  • Social events: Announce a good cause and celebrate the event for the special cause.
  • Teams: Helps in cultivating team spirit and unity by using the same printed t-shirt.

There is always a reason to wear the custom printed t-shirt. The printing service depends on the company you will hire so choose wisely.

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