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News 18.09.2017

New Ideas & Our Next Steps There is a lot of great ideas here at OMG that we are coming up with on a daily and we are looking to YOU for new ideas. Whether  it comes to content and general ideas like “adding a forum” or “adding more events”. Just hearing from our readers […]

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News 10.08.2017

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to read our OMG News. We are currently working on a automatic news letter to send to all subscribed users to keep them up to date with new posts from our content writers. We are also discussing our giveaway for the person who writes the most blogs within […]

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News 24.07.2017

We here at OMG are creating more content for you Lifestyle livers, with more tips, infographics, design, activities and much more. I “Anna Barton” would like to personally thank each and everyone of you that read OMG Lifestyle and take the time to share feedback and just get involved with content and errors. There will […]


News 28.06.2017

Major changes to OMG Lifestyle this week! We are getting loads of submissions through this past week and we are happy you guys/girls are enjoying the read. We are having a prize draw at the end of July for the person who gets the most posts live. Remember have fun and just enjoy writing. Make […]