Thrifty Gifts for your Loved Ones at Christmas

Thrifty Gifts for your Loved Ones at Christmas

There are just a few weeks left before Christmas. In such little time, there are various preparations which you need to do for your Christmas holiday.

Thus, there are many things which are to be done as you near the best time of the year. Though with Christmas comes celebrations, joy and happiness, you must not forget that along with it also comes a huge expenditure.

You have to do so many things during the festival; it is obvious you are going to spend as much as you can to make this time the best time of the year for yourself and for your loved ones.

So, it is necessary to keep a watch on your expenses during Christmas so that you don’t end up with a burden of excessive debts after you are done enjoying the season.

There are some places where you can’t cut the cost. But if you strategise smartly then there are ways by which you can save quite a decent amount of your money to have a nice and thrifty Christmas.

-Cookies and Baked Goods

It is quite easy to make cookies at home. Obviously it takes a lot of your time but if you love to bake then cookies or cakes are the best Christmas gifts which you can gift.

Who wouldn’t like to receive a nice spongy cake or basket of cookies for Christmas? You can make delicious cookies with various flavours for all your loved ones. You can make them immediately and then you will be sorted with your Christmas gifting.

Baked goods can be quite economical as you only will have to buy the things which will be required to make the cookies. Those ingredients will definitely not cost you as much as any other expensive Christmas gifts would.

-Needle Work Gifts

If you have a lot of time on your hands and you are really good at knitting, then you can use this talent for making your Christmas gifts.

Knit some really cosy and warm sweaters for your kids, or maybe you can knit a scarf or gloves for your loved ones.

But knitting takes a long time so you can only afford to make such gifts only for the ones who are very close to you. You can also buy some thrifty sweaters and personalise them by making embroidery on them to gift to your best friends and neighbours.

If you are using the cotton thread, then you can make lovely dishcloths and washcloths as well.

-Bath and Body Products

These gifts are really easy to make and can often be made using the items from the pantry. Scented salts, body butters, and exfoliating scrubs are quick and easy to make which are also well appreciated as Christmas gifts.

So, you won’t have to spend much time making your gifts and thus you can utilise that time on your other Christmas activities.

-Show Pieces

Whenever you think of gifting show pieces to someone you think about the expensive pieces of art in glittery shops. But you can change this conception on the Christmas. You can make your own show pieces for the season and gift them to your loved ones.

The main advantage of the self made show pieces is that you save up on a lot of money and at the same time you have the scope of making a personalised item for the purpose of gifting.

For example: If your friend is a fan of the TV series Game of Thrones, then you can make personalised coasters with Game of Thrones pictures on them.

Few examples of show pieces which you can make at home are:

  • Vase – Made by Painting an old jam jar.
  • Cup Candle – Made by wax in old cups and making it into a candle.
  • Fancy Jars – You can just put colourful stones in fancy looking jars to make a beautiful showpiece.


You can make cards at home for all your friends, colleagues and neighbours who are not much close to you. By giving out cards to them you will save up quite a lot of money.

Making a budget is the most important thing to do before you plan your gifts for Christmas. Try to stick to these ideas and make your Christmas joyful as well as economical by giving out such thrifty gifts.

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