Tips for Getting a New Puppy

Tips for Getting a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is always exciting, but the excitement can quickly wane if all aspects of dog ownership haven’t been properly considered. Puppies need a lot of time and attention in order for them to grow in to well trained dogs, with routine and an understanding of house rules. Consequently, if you and everyone you live with work full time, and can’t go home during lunch time to spend time with your puppy, it may be wise to wait until your life becomes less hectic until you bring a puppy in to your home.

If you’ve firmly decided that now will be the best time to buy a new puppy, you must ensure that you liaise with a reputable breeder that takes care of the pups they produce, ensuring that your dog doesn’t become poorly or be susceptible to future health issues.

There are several things you will need to remember when picking up your new puppy and these include:

  • A comfortable dog carrier

Ensuring your new puppy feels comfortable whilst traveling will ensure they remain calm through the journey. A dog will also be a lot easier to handle whilst in a carrier, and considering they can be quite floppy, a carrier will significantly reduce the risks accidents.

  • Cosy Blanket

New puppies tend to shake quite a lot when they are taken from the warmth of their mother. By taking a blanket, you will provide your new pup with a sense of warmth and safety. In addition to this, a blanket will have your scent on, getting your new pup used to the scent of your home, before they arrive home.

  • Water and Food

People collect new puppies from far and wide, but if you will be travelling with your new pup for some time, it is of paramount importance that water and food is provided. Puppies are used to having on hand nourishment whenever they need it, and food and water will keep your new pup in good spirts for the entire journey. However, it should be noted that some dogs will experience travel sickness, and having a bag or plastic sheet ready for such an event will come in very handy.

Of course, getting your new puppy back home is only half of the journey, and you must ensure that you have all necessary equipment, including dog clippers to take care of your dog for years to come.

One thought on “Tips for Getting a New Puppy

  1. Some very good tips there. I find it always better to get a dog, when they’re a puppy, rather when they’re older. The reason for that is because you get to know them more, they will know you and won’t have more than one owner. It can be quite difficult to get a new puppy, because they’re young and energetic. I find that making them comfortable is really important. When you do go and get a new puppy, make sure you introduce them in calm way. Food and drink is really important for a long journey, as it can be quite hot in a car sometimes.

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