Tips to Design Your Guest Room

Hosting your guests can be a very enjoyable experience. You always want your house to leave a good impression on your guests. Guestroom is the place which reflects the entire image of your house. There’s something satisfying about helping your visitors feel welcome and comfortable. When you start to plan your guest room think about everything; from the doors to the lightning, everything should be perfect. Your budget may not have enough in it to let you create a gateway oasis, but you can clear the decks, arrange what’s necessary and provide a quiet place to relax. Here are some tips which can help you to design your guest room in an efficient way.

Buy the Best Bed with a Budget: Never give your guest the old, saggy mattress. Look for something trendy that matches your house standards. Air mattresses are really comfortable and can be placed on top of a box spring, over a sofa bed mattress or on the floor.


Piles of Pillows: Keep an assortment of pillows on hand to satisfy guests’ individual tastes. Because some like flat pillows, some like them fluffy. Some prefer down, while others sneeze at the mere thought. And while you’re at it, invest in a couple of good blankets and the best bed linens that you can afford.


Inexpensive Bedside Tables: Serving as a place for your guests to put their necessities like phones, reading glasses or a book, bedside tables are practical but should also complement the room as a whole. If your budget doesn’t allow the freedom for a new and costly bedside table then use a simple stool or even stack some stylish storage boxes to create inexpensive alternatives.

 An Assortment of Books

An Assortment of Books: Books are one of the most enjoyable pastimes for a visitor. Whether you have a full wall of shelving or a willowy cabinet or case, stock it with a variety of reading material that appeals to all tastes: mysteries, bestsellers, non-fiction, short stories and more.


Good Lighting

Good Lighting: The lighting in your guest room should be impressive, overhead lighting can be uncomfortable for a weary traveller. Lighting should reflect the whole guest room together and the lighting control should be near the bed, so your guest won’t have to stumble around in the dark, just to turn on the light. Provide a good reading light near a chair or over the bed. A small night light is helpful and a lighted magnifying make-up mirror is a real luxury.


Get Best Furniture for Your Guest Room: Always, arrange the guest room with good furniture. Use stylish chair and dressing table for your guest room. The doors of the guest room must be classy, so the guests can take a feel of that. You can use Composite Doors Sheffield which is the trendiest door in today’s fashion.


Put Out a Welcome Hamper: A selection of treats and goodies makes guests feel more at home. Keep a hamper with everything in it from small snacks to munch, after you’ve gone to bed, and add in a few travel essentials: Stain sticks, medications for aches and pains, hair bands, and mini lint rollers—whatever you think your guests might need. Get to know your visitor’s favourite food, and sneak a few into the basket as a personalized surprise.

 Provide a Jug of Water Near the Bed

Provide a Jug of Water Near the Bed: Waking up thirsty in the middle of the night is quite bad. Your guest may not know where the cups are stored in the kitchen. So, always put a jug of water near the bed so they don’t have to wander for the water here and there.


Spread Fresh Fragrance in the Guest Room: Before guests arrive, spray the bed linens, curtains and rugs with a soft fragrance. Potpourri in a seasonal fragrance looks nice in a bowl and will gently freshen up a space better than harsh chemical fragrances. Put some scented soaps and a votive candle in a small basket. All these things will give off a light scent and freshen up a space along with your guests.


Give Guests the Inside Scoop: If your house has a security system, provide instructions for your guests. Give them a tour of the house. This applies if you live in a gated community or neighbourhood that has limited access to driveways, swimming pool, walking paths, parking regulations or emergency evacuation rules.


Provide Privacy: Choose window coverings that not only add to the character of the room, but provide privacy and light control as well. If you must keep it simple, a nice blind can work well. You can always add a beautiful valance or side panels later.


Try these simple steps to make your guestroom look beautiful and leave a positive impact on your guests.

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  1. These pictures look amazing! I would love to sleep in one of these rooms! It is awesome! As far as decorating though, these are all awesome ideas! Especially the one regarding the security system. I would not have ever thought of that. I also don’t have much of one so I don’t have anything to give out.

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