Tips to Improve Staff Morale and Punctuality

Tips to Improve Staff Morale and Punctuality

Morale and Punctuality are very important characteristics of any employee and they need to be measured and improved. While it is true that a business will not suffer a great deal when an employee takes a day off for one reason or another, regular absence of employees can affect the morale of a business. Low office morale can wreck total productivity, while high office morale can keep everyone not only productive, but happy and fulfilled in their work.

Everyone wants to keep their office morale as high as possible for the benefit of their company, but it’s often easier said than done. Fortunately, there are many strategies to boost the collective morale of your employees and make them punctual.

  1. Enhance Communication: One of the best ways to improve staff morale is with a real open door policy. Don’t just tell your employees that you value their thoughts, opinions, suggestions and feedback but reflect it through your actions. Employees are happier at their place of work when they feel like they can talk to their manager. Employees feel a lot more comfortable with a boss they can talk to and such employees also tend to have a better work ethic.


  1. Recognize Individual and Group Achievements: Morale takes a huge hit when people feel that their work is not being recognized or appreciated. When employers look to reward their employees for consistent hard work, they offer a raise or promotion but smaller recognitions can go a lot further and cost a lot less. When one of your teams accomplishes their goals, congratulate them and thank them for their contributions.


  1. Tracking Attendance: This is the most important step to make your employees punctual. If you keep track of your employee’s timing then they will be more punctual. Use clock-cards to track their timing. These clock-cards record the timing of employees such as, at what time they entered office and at what time they left it. If you are looking for clock-cards then Max clock cards is best option for you to keep track of your employee’s attendance. This way it will be easy for the management to identify and deal with employee unpunctuality before they get out of hand.
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  2. Get to Know the Reasons: Before you can improve the punctuality of your staff, it’s important to first identify the problem. You should remember that there is often an understandable reason if your employees are late once in a while but if they are chronically late then you have a huge problem on your hands. Talk to your employee and find out if weather, traffic, unforeseen circumstances or their kids are contributing to their lateness.


  1. Hire Competent Managers: The biggest reason employees are unhappy at work is because of bad leadership. To improve employee morale, make sure you hire great managers. Ensure that they have all the training they need to be good leaders. Your managers can have a huge impact on employee morale.


  1. Allow Time for Personal Projects: An employee might feel stifled if he or she only works on assigned projects rather than getting time to freely explore his or her own passion. Grant your employees time to pursue their individual passions and they’ll maintain their vision and passion for much longer. You can select a specific day of the month for “personal project” work, an hour or two every week or simply grant an extra few days of vacation time for employees to use for personal work.


  1. Training and Skill Development: The development of skills is good for business and also for morale. Some cynical employees may say that you’re only doing this to make more money, but good managers are those who believe in career development and making a bright staff even brighter.
  2. Help Staff to Bond with One Other: Bonding between employees increases the strength of the company. It is important for small as well as big companies. All these things can help employees forge the bonds that they need to enjoy work.


  1. Inspire Positivity Through Positivity: The best way to encourage positive attitudes throughout the company is to carry a positive attitude yourself. Positive mentalities are contagious. Say positive things, walk with a smile on your face and personally greet people when they arrive to work. They will be more likely to do the same thing to their co-workers and before you know it, you will be nurturing a collective environment of positivity.


  1. Reward Attendance and Punctuality: At the end of each month or every 6 months reward those employees who are punctual. It will encourage other employees to maintain their timing and become punctual towards work. Providing incentives for their punctuality is also a good option for encouraging them.


  1. Make Time for Fun in the Office: Work and fun are not mutually exclusive terms. You can inject some regular fun into the workplace without immediately ruining your chances at having a productive day. Have some recreational activities in the break room, like a pool table or a dart board and go out of your way to tell them a new joke. A few minutes away from the desk can improve productivity.


Your employees are the force responsible for executing your vision and if you can keep them happy and motivated, you’ll have a much easier time achieving your long-term goals. While extra monetary compensation is not always an option, you can always take out time for a few positive comments that can improve your team’s morale.

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  1. Yeah, I definitely believe in recognizing good work – though you don’t want to go into overkill. I mean, on the movie “Whiplash” the drum teacher never recognizes a good job and I think that’s crazy, to say the least. Anyway, he thinks that’s the best way to motivate his workers – go figure!

    So what do the commentators feel is the best way to motivate? Do you agree with the post author?

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