Tips to Make a Shopping Mall More Secure

Tips to Make a Shopping Mall More Secure

Shopping mall is a large retail composite building which includes a variety of stores, restaurants and other business establishments. These are housed in a series of connected or adjacent buildings or in a single large building. Maintaining a shopping centre and keeping it secured is not easy at all, because it is always crowded with people. Shopping centre is a platform which attracts millions of visitors per year and with so many people visiting all the time, there is of course a huge potential for something to go wrong. So, it is important to maintain the security of the shopping mall. There are many strategies that can be implemented to make commercial shopping malls safer and more secure. Some of these strategies are:

Security Patrol

Keep security guards for routine searching and patrolling of premises; Covering both internal and external areas. Use auto detect machines on entry and exit of the mall. The screening of hand baggage is a significant deterrent that may be a suitable protective security consideration for a shopping centre as a last resort at a time when the level of threat is at its highest.


Access Control

Invest in a good quality access control system operated by magnetic swipe or contact proximity cards supported by PIN verification. Make sure the boundary between public and private areas of your building is secure and clearly signed.


Traffic and Parking Control

In previous years, many terrorist attacks have taken place in many countries and shopping malls has become an attractive target for them.



  • If you think you might be at risk from a vehicle bomb then the first thing you should do is to keep all vehicles at a safe distance from the mall.
  • Those people who require essential access should be identified in advance and frisked before being allowed through.
  • The security manager should have proper access control, careful landscaping, traffic-calming measures and robust, well-lit barriers or bollards. Build your parking area at least 30 metres away from your building.


Placement of Public Restroom

Public restrooms in shopping malls are mostly constructed at the end of the long service corridors in less desirable space. These restrooms can be a possible site for anything from robbery to sexual assault. The maintenance or housekeeping of mall should be instructed to be in the restrooms every 15-30 minutes and keep log sheets showing the frequency of these visits. The security officers should also visit the restrooms periodically. CCTV cameras should be used to monitor the corridors leading to the public restrooms. Use of convex mirrors at corridor intersections can help mall patrons see around corners before they get there.


Doors and Windows

Use of good quality doors and windows are essential to ensure building security. External doors should be strong, well-lit and fitted with good quality locks.

  • The windows should be secured, and alarms should also be considered. The glazed doors are only as strong as their weakest point, which may be glazing.
  • There are always some doors in the mall which are not often used and that is exactly why such doors should be internally secured ensuring compliance with relevant fire safety regulations and their security monitored within an alarm system.
  • The easily accessible windows should be secured with good quality key operated locks. The police may provide further advice on improving the security of glazed doors and accessible windows.
  • In urban terrorist attacks, many injuries are caused by flying glass, especially in modern buildings. Here, glazing protection is an important causality reduction measure.
  • There are technologies that minimise shattering and causalities, as well as the costs of re-occupation. Anti-shatter film, which holds fragmented pieces of glass together, offers a relatively cheap and rapid improvement to existing glazing.
  • If you are installing new windows in the mall, consider laminated glass or you can use Dane Shutters. If you want to install Dane shutters then you can opt for them by clicking here But, before undertaking any improvements seek specialist advice through your police CTSA.


Integrated Security System

The security system of every mall should be integrated and advanced. CCTV cameras, intruder alarms are commonly used to deter crime, detect offenders and delay their actions. These systems must be integrated so that they work together in an effective and co-ordinated manner.

Intrusion detection technology can play an important role in an integrated security system; it is as much as deterrent as a means of protection.

  • CCTV cameras can help in clarifying the security alert whether it is real or not and is often vital in post-incident investigations, but only if the images are good enough to identify what happened and be used in court.
  • External lighting can be used for deterrence as well as detection, but takes into account the impact of additional lighting on neighbours, external lighting can help security staff and improve the capabilities of CCTV systems, if it is designed carefully.

Thus, employ the safety piece mentioned above and make the visitors feel secure at all times.

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