Tips to Set-Up a Cafeteria in an Office

Cafeteria in an office is like electricity sockets; they are so common and so easily ignored that nobody feels their absence until they are gone. Having a cafeteria in your workplace can be a major benefit for company’s employees. This enables a place for the employees to get together and eat comfortably. A cafeteria in an office is a perfect place for employees to communicate with each other which creates bonding between the employees. Here are some tips which can help you in set-up an office cafeteria.

  1. Look for the Right Space: In many office cafeterias there is not enough space and chairs. People mostly underestimate the number of employees in any office and as a result people take turns to eat. Before setting up a cafeteria count the number of employees in the office and make sure that the number of seats can accommodate at least 80% of the population of an office.
  1. Select the Furniture According to the Needs: Instead of using usual chairs and square tables, mix them up. Have communal tables that is placed on the sides or in the middle that can sit as much as ten or twelve at a time. You can also use couches for areas near the coffee and blender machines.
  2. Design with the Flow in Consideration: Design your office cafeteria in such a way that when employees enter the cafeteria they understand how it works. They line up or get the food and pay in one area and go to their chair with trays. This kind of set-up is very self-service and is easy to maintain.
  1. Communicate with the Employees: Good communication determines the success or failure of a cafeteria. Get to know the needs of your employees; what kind of food they like? Are they looking for organic or vegetarian options or are they a meat and potato lover? Listen to their preferences and request menus from the cafeteria management company to suit their tastes. Work with the cafeteria management company to design a cafeteria website containing description and photos of menu options. If you provide all the items which your employees love then you’ll always see your cafeteria crowded.
  1. Hire Trained Chefs: You can provide all the necessary items your employees need, but if the quality is not up to their expectation then they will not sit and eat in the cafeteria. Hire professional chefs who are good at cooking quality food. Taste matters a lot when it comes to a food item and if you are not providing that to your employees, no one would want to eat it.
  2. Equipments to be used: Cafeteria equipments include anything used to prepare, cook, heat and store your food. Every cafeteria needs necessary equipments to cook food and serve it to employees. Here are some important office cafeteria equipments which everyone should have in their offices.
  • Cooking equipments: Equip your kitchen with top-quality commercial cooking equipments
  • Commercial ovens
  • Food holding and warming equipment
  • Commercial work tables
  • Ice machines
  • Vending machines to provide snacks and juice to the employees.

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  1. Offer Discounted Coupons to Your Employees: Offering discounted coupons to employees will encourage them to give your food item a try. A free cupcake on an employee’s birthday is a coupon that will not be wasted. A coupon for a free meal for each new employee will focus attention on the cafeteria’s services. Deliver a coupon to each desk for a free cookie available in the cafeteria on National Cookie Day. A coupon for a free cup of coffee reminds employees that the cafeteria is open for breakfast. The list of coupon ideas is endless and an effective way to bring attention to a cafeteria.
  1. Promote Healthy Eating: An organised wellness program is an added benefit for the employees. Offer healthy menu choices with a colourful symbol such as a heart or thumbs up sign in a bright, easily recognizable colour. Each time an employee purchases a meal with the symbol, a card is punched. When specified number of punches is completed the employee receives a reward. This reward could be anything like a t-shirt, a hat, a gift card or a free coupon for meal. This way the employees will be more eager to enrol into wellness programs and it will keep them healthy and active.
  2. Spread the Fragrance: The best way to keep the employees in cafeteria is spread the fragrance of the cafeteria. The smell contained inside the cafeteria will ensure that the people will enjoy the environment. A good smelling environment attracts people towards it and makes them feel comfortable. Most offices are particular about their interiors and smelling like cooked pot pie is not welcome at all.

These simple steps will definitely help you in set-up a cafeteria in your office and make the environment of the office cool.

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