Top Adventure Sports You Should Try Before You Turn 30

Top Adventure Sports You Should Try Before You Turn 30

Adventure is an essential tool to discover and experience nature’s beauty in its entirety. One has to be a real enthusiast and an adrenaline junkie to be able to fully enjoy all the adventure inducing activities. When the adventurous streak in you crosses path with sports, it opens up various other avenues for you to explore.

For all the adrenaline junkies out there we have compiled a list of thrilling adventure sports which everyone must try before they turn 30. So, hurry up and pack your bags and go on and adventure spree with this list!

Bungee Jumping

You must have come across the term ‘free falling’ and this itself is enticing enough. Well, if you wish to experience a situation where you are free falling, then bungee jumping is it for you. Free falling is a situation where one feels no gravity while falling off from a height and this is the case with bungee jumping as well!

Glacier Climbing

If you are well built and generally a fit person, then glacier climbing is tailored for you. Go travelling around snow capped mountain peaks armed with axes and safety ropes. Norway is one of the preferred locations for this sport.



Where do you find an opportunity to fly in the air against all odds? With Paragliding of course! With a little training about the controls and your movement when you are flying, you are all set to go.


It is the most captivating water sport there is and is not very easy to master. It requires seasoned skill and precision. But, once you have aced at learning how to surf, then the ocean is yours to explore. Tides are a crucial part of surfing and as any other sporting activity; it is a good exercise routine.

Hang Gliding

See the world from the perspective of that a flying bird, packed with adventure and excitement. Hang gliding involves soaring high in the sky and has its own set of risks attached. So follow the rules and stay safe while you are at it.

Quad Biking

Experience quad biking activity days in a swirl of mud and muck at countryside. Blast your way around a special quad track at an incredible speed and let the blood pump through your veins. Quad biking is all about getting rough while off roading.  Just jump on a powerful machine and take on mud, twists, turns, streams, mounds ditches and fast straights, with the wind blowing in your hair and a wide smile stretched across your face!


Walking through green pastures and meadows just about sums up hiking. It is a wonderful sport. Pack your bags with camera – to capture the scenic beauty, plenty of water and antiseptic and walk away!



This is a water based sport filled with excitement and stimulation of the highest level. This sport requires a kayak for gliding across water. Kayak is a one man boat made of wood or PVC. This sport has gained momentum over the years and is one of the most popular activities today.


Take your boat through the narrow water channels and experience the thrill that is a part and parcel of this activity. Rafting is one of the most dangerous sports but is a powerhouse of adventure of thrill and excitement. Be sure to follow all the safety guidelines before going on a rafting adventure.

Underwater Walk

Walking on land has become so old school so walk underwater instead! People are taken with walking underwater experiencing marine life at the same time. This is like upping your walking game up a notch as it is both scenic and awesome!

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is another thrilling adventure sport. Jump into a cabin, fire it up and let the balloon soar. Glide over the town and see how it all looks like from up above.



Skiing is the most popular winter sport. You need to balance your entire being while skidding on the snow and if course injuries are pretty common if proper safety measures are not followed. Make sure that you follow all the necessary guidelines so that you can enjoy swooping through steep snowy slopes and having the time of your life.

 Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle trips are a great way to explore new spots and enjoy your time with friends or colleagues. The best part about these trips  is that you enjoy the journey as much you enjoy reaching the destination. It is one of the reason that more and more are opting out for eye-opening motorcycle journeys over other adventure trips. Going on a planned motorcycle trip before you turn 30 along with your friends/colleagues can be an experience that you will remember for long while cherishing it’s memories.

Activities like desert camping, trekking, snorkelling, angling, canoeing are some other adventure sport activities that are worth the shot, one that must be on your list to do before you turn 30.

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2 thoughts on “Top Adventure Sports You Should Try Before You Turn 30

  1. These are some great sports to try. I’ve done some on this list. I’ve done skiing in Switzerland and really enjoyed it. Had a brilliant time and the instructor were great. I’ve also done some Kayaking and had a brilliant time, got wet LOL. I wouldn’t do hang gliding though, as I’m scared of heights really bad. I’d love to do quad biking though, it sounds fantastic and fun to do.

  2. Kayaking and rafting are certainly things I want to try – and being near an outdoor wonderland (I’m hours away from the Blue Ridge mountains, USA), it’s certainly a temptation. Anyhow, though, I’m 41 now, way over 30, but it’s certainly not too late. So are there any other older guys on this blog interested in this stuff?

    Oh, by the way, I’m already into hiking and been so since my childhood.

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