Use Aluminium Doors to give an Attractive Look To Your Home

Use Aluminium Doors to give an Attractive Look To Your Home

Aluminium is the second most widely used metal in the world. There are a number of advantages of using aluminium, such as a combination of attractive properties which include high strength, low weight, easy machining, corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent malleability. In addition to all of those things, aluminium is also very easy to recycle and is the most recycled metal material in the world.

When it comes to entrance doors or back doors for homes, the consumer is faced with a lot of choice. You should consider aluminium, if you are currently in the market for new doors. Aluminium doors can be made wider and taller than their PVCu counterparts. There are many advantages of aluminium doors that are mentioned below.

Aluminium doors give you discrete or even invisible hardware.

Generally the hinges used on composite and timber doors are far bulkier and more intrusive than aluminium doors. This is because PVCu frames found in composite doors and PVCu panelled doors need reinforcement and bulkier hardware to support the weight of the door leaf.  This is not the case with aluminium which is slimmer and needs no reinforcement for hardware to have a suitably strong fixing point.

The hinges found on aluminium doors are ultra slim and with some doors such as those made by Schuco, you can even have completely invisible hinges. Such are the advantages of aluminium doors. 

Aluminium doors can integrate better with windows.

If aluminium windows are already installed in your home or porch, s then aluminium doors are designed to couple and integrate with windows. This means you do not need a composite or PVCu door that will look different from your windows. Todays, modern aluminium door and windows systems are designed to couple together if needed creating uniform and matching screens.

This is not the case with composite doors where it is a completely different product by a different manufacturer. If you already have aluminium windows installed in your home, then you can match their slim lines perfectly with an aluminium door that was designed from the outset to work with them. With some systems you can even have side and rear doors that match your bi-folding doors.

Aluminium is also Great for Custom Doors

There are a couple of reasons why the properties of aluminium make it ideal for custom doors. Some qualities are:

Weight – The density of aluminium is a third of the density of steel, making it more lightweight.

Strength – Most steel grades become brittle at low temperatures, however one of the properties of aluminium is that its strength increases at low temperatures. It should be noted that the strength of aluminium will decrease at consistent high temperatures.

Expansion – Aluminium has a large coefficient of linear expansion compared to other types of metals, which may need to be considered with some custom aluminium extrusion designs.

Machining – It is very easy to work aluminium through most machining methods, which is definitely one of the advantages of using aluminium. Whether you decide to cut, mill, drill, punch or bend aluminium will take whatever you can give it without requiring a lot of energy to achieve these secondary operations.

Malleable – Aluminium is extremely malleable, which is why it is such an excellent choice for extrusion. During custom aluminium extrusion, the metal can be either hot or cold and it will still be malleable, especially during bending and other types of forming.

Joining – Another one of the advantages of using aluminium is that it can be easily joined together with other metals through fusion welding, bonding, taping or Friction Stir Welding to achieve the desired finished product.

Reflective – Aluminium is very reflective of both visible light and radiated heat.

Non-magnetic – Yet another one of the properties of aluminium that are beneficial is that it is non-magnetic. As a result, aluminium is often used in magnetic x-ray devices so that it won’t interfere with the magnetic fields.

Non-toxic – Aluminium is one of the most common elements. In fact, you can naturally find aluminium compounds occurring in our food. Because this non-toxic for health.

Colour advantages with aluminium doors.

Nowadays, colour is another advantage with aluminium doors, you can apply dual colour powder coating of inside and outside faces in different colours and it is readily achievable for both the door panel, the door leaf and the door frame. Also you can repaint your aluminium doors.

Composite, and panelled doors are available in various colours in and out this is so true, but only aluminium makes it easy for different colours to be applied to its outer frame as well. More than 400 powder coated colours are available with aluminium entrance doors including textured, woodgrain, metallic or anodised coatings. Bronze, silver or gold finishes are also available.

The powder coating process used in aluminium today means powder coated doors will retain their gloss levels and appearance for many years to come. Powder coated aluminium doors can have their finish guaranteed for over 25 years but it’s depend on which paint process is specified on doors. This powder coating process can also be enhanced to suit coastal, extreme or swimming pool environments.


If your doors get stuck and hard to open, opt for aluminium door repairs as soon as you can.

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