What Team Building Activity Options Are There?

What Team Building Activity Options Are There?

The more positive your staff feel that their working environment is, the more productive they will be. One of the best ways to get the most out of your team is to ensure that employees can communicate and work well alongside each other. Corporate days out in Leicestershire are a fantastic investment for a business, making staff feel valued and give them more confidence in their abilities amongst their colleagues and in the workplace.

Taking time to reflect on the issues in your workforce that you would like to focus on is important, and choosing team building activities that directly address these issues will ensure that the whole team and your company reap as many advantages as possible from the event, making it a worthwhile investment. Steering clear of sports focused and heavily competitive activities can be something to consider. Sports focused activities may demoralize and alienate some members of the group as not everyone is athletic. It can also encourage rivalry and not so healthy competition between members of staff, which would defeat the entire point of the team building day.

It is important to find an exercise that challenges everybody, but that all members of the team feel comfortable with and safe doing. We have put together a few team building activities to give you some inspiration;

  1. Blind Folded Driving – The ultimate trust exercise! In a special designated area, one member of the team is in the driving seat, but they rely on the other members of the team in the back to do all the directing to get them safely from A to B.
  2. Orienteering – A perfect exercise that will encourage team members to work in harmony with each other in problem solving, utilizing everybody in the groups skills.
  3. Archery – Archery is a fantastic activity for practicing concentration, co-ordination and focusing. It can be a stress relieving activity that will improve confidence as staff can see themselves improving as the event goes on.

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