What To Expect For 2018

2017 Story

OMG Lifestyle has come a long way over the year, now is a big time for change but we will get to that later. In 2017 we had a huge increase in traffic which has inspired us to do more in terms of updates, more articles and just more engagement. Over the 2017 year we created 47 articles/posts and to us that is just not good enough.

Lets get back to the story. We started OMG to generate traffic that we could pass through to third party websites however, we decided against this because we just fell in love with the domain and we couldn’t see it go to waste on a site that didn’t deserve the readers we have now. Since 2016 we have been waiting for the right moment to turn this into a huge blog that people can come to and just chill out reading what they want to read and not what they have to read.

Why Do We Not Post Regularly?

Well the perfect answer to this is honestly going to shock a lot of you, ready… We just didn’t feel like it. There is no easy way of saying it we just didn’t feel as if there was any point in posting and we understand this will upset a lot of readers but it’s the truth and we use facts and honesty and we believe thats why OMG will thrive for 2018.

We are also working on a schedule for 2018 and we will be posting more frequently to get the best audience starting posts such as… “10 things, giveaway Wednesday, film it Friday and guest post madness.”

Whats In Store?

We have big plans for OMG this year and we aim to hit every goal we set and you can see these goals also. There will be a goals system in the side bar that you can track with us.

There are a lot of site upgrades we are going to do such as a new design and a new log in system for people to share and socialise with one another. We would also like to mention that there will be a big change in our spam filter so keep an eye out for the spam update that will be coming out soon.

There will be a merch shop that may be open to the public to sell their merch on our shop. We are also giving out sponsor deals to our big readers to help with creating content and much more.

When Will There Be A Forum?

Keeping this one short. There won’t be a forum anytime soon at OMG as we have no need for it as of yet and we see no benefit from having a forum.

What happens now?

It’s simple below you will see posts that we think you will enjoy so stop reading and read away. No seriously stop reading this and go on something else… Really you are still reading this? Fine stop reading completely and get some fresh air.

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