What you Need to Know About Archery….

What you Need to Know About Archery….

Archery has now become a major sport and it is growing in popularity due, in part, to The Hunger Games film series. With the popularity of such a sport, we figured that we would outline the basics of archery for the beginners looking to make their way into the sport.

Archers usually draw the bow string with the right hand, but it really depends how comfortable you feel. If you were to use your right hand to draw, then your right eye will be the one you use to lock on to your target.


One foot should be placed firmly either side of the shooting line. Similar to golf, you should keep your legs shoulder-width apart, with your weight evenly distributed.

Once you’re in position, draw your arrow from the quiver – the quiver is where the arrows are stored – place it gently on the bow and slide backwards, then you must clip the arrow on to the bow string.

Gently position your fingers on the string and curl your index finger around the string above the arrow and your middle and ring fingers beneath it.

The Shot

Prepare your shot by lifting your bow and pull back the string until your index finger is underneath your chin and the string in touching your nose. Close one eye and get the sight on your bow to line up with the centre of the target.

Take a deep breath and then let out half of it. Allow the string to fall out of your fingers, rather than opening them to release it.


It’s important to build up your strength when it comes to archery. But actually it’s hard to tone up the muscles you need for archery at the gym. The exercise you can perform is to get into a shooting position with your equipment, pull the string back and hold for 30 seconds, relax for 30 seconds and then repeat as many times as you can.

Getting Started

There are loads of clubs all across the UK and most of them contain beginners. Archery is actually a really popular family sport and good for those with disabilities as it’s a great way to get everyone together.

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